BELIEVE IN YOUR BREATH 🧘🏻 Connected Breathwork session 🗣️

I will be Guiding you through this breathwork session to allow you to reconnect, deeply rest, reset and feel your mind & body connection.
See how the breath can take us out of that fight or flight mode, that state of protection, and into the state of growth. When environmental signals (thoughts) hit our receptors (senses) they can either be growth or protection signals. Let’s grow
We consciously control our breath to self-influence and improve our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual state of being.
On the 30th June -7th &14th July  7pm-8.30pm
In The Olive Room- The Palms Health and Wellbeing Centre.
– Limited spaces available –

Some benefits to this style of breathwork

✅Control of the racing thinking mind
✅Reduced stress & anxiety
✅Increased energy levels
✅Uplifting sense of self-awareness
✅Better sleep
✅Release of tension and stuck emotions
Please contact me to ensure this type of breathwork is suitable for you.
Barry Adamson-0894278832