Magdalena Maria-  Consciousness Medicine Practitioner, Family Constellations Facilitator

I am a certified Consciousness Medicine Practitioner, Family Constellations Facilitator, Akashic Records Readings facilitator, Land Healer, Yoga and Meditation Teacher.
In my work I utilise my extensive training with some of the best teachers, healers, shamans, therapists, light workers as well as my own experience in healing myself from a chronic dis-ease.
 My passion is to help people get the most out of their lives. I have always seen the best in people, their true potential and their soul’s purpose and I am committed to help you get to where you want to be. Because a happy, kind, and loving world begins with happy, kind, and loving individuals!
Consciousness Medicine is a healing method that combines multiple energy healing, psychotherapy and body work tools including, Chakra balancing, Holistic NLP, Craniosacral Therapy, NVC, Family Constellations and more. It also employs the laws of Quantum Physics for an effective manifestation of desired reality. In simple terms one could say that this method uses the power of human consciousness to create and manifest a reality that is our preferred one. During the course of sessions, we work towards building the new, desired state while simultaneously releasing and clearing anything that comes up. This process is gentle and it is client led, which means that the practitioner moves at the client’s pace, nothing is being rushed and we allow the time necessary for an integration.
Consciousness Medicine addresses a variety of topics including:
Professional: reaching one’s highest potential, life’s purpose
Repeating patterns that appear in your life
Emotional imbalance: anxiety, low mood, eating disorders etc.
Physical health: low energy, allergies, fatigue, chronic disease, complementary to medical treatment
People on various stages of Spiritual Awakening
Drawing from the power of Nature, it’s unlimited resources, building on the love and support of our Ancestors and connecting with the Divine Source this practice aims to balance and strengthen your entire body Matrix – your being on all levels: Physical, Emotional, Energetical, Ancestral and Spiritual and therefore allows for deep healing and leads to lasting change.
Would you like to have more ease and grace in your life?
Would you like to free up some energy, so that there’s more for you to create the life you want?
Would you like to release family entanglements and some old patterns that appear in your thoughts, beliefs and actions?
It is all available to you as living a happy and balanced life is your birth right.

For more information and to book an appointment please visit my website: or send me a message on 0851137915.