John Scanlon – Hypnotherapist, Reiki practitioner and meditation facilitator

John is a qualified hypnotherapist with the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy Ireland, a Reiki Master and runs regular drop in meditations.

John started meditations and then Terra Mae Reiki 9 years ago and loved the harmony that they brought to his and other people’s lives. Finding that it helped people manage stress, connect with themselves and improve mood and health.

Subsequently in 2018, John qualified as a hypnotherapist and he found that hypnotherapy has the ability to help people in significant ways by removing blocks they may have or expand their existing strengths. Whether you suffer with anxiety or stress, fears or phobia’s, weight loss, smoking or wish to expand an existing strength then hypnotherapy may be for you.

John has a passion to empower people to live their best lives. Believing that when we live to our potential, we feel alive and we radiate happiness from the inside out.

John has continued to expand his skill set with new techniques from the UK and Canada, learning from the world’s best hypnotherapists.

In a world where being on the go, and meeting others needs always seems paramount, too often the changes we wish to make for ourselves get left and we accept the status quo, it’s important that we meet our own needs and take time for ourselves.

Empower yourself to live the life you choose.

Remember: Think well, feel well, act well

All Change Comes From Within

Contact John: Email-

                       Phone- 0868581473