Mari Gregan- Hypnotherapist, Mind Coach, Nutritionist, Weight Management Consultant and Certified Counsellor.
Mari is qualified since 2010 in cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy. Mari’s extra qualifications in Diet and Weight Management, Nutrition, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Counselling and her work with clients led to the development of this new approach to weight management – The Weight Off Your Mind Method.
Mari also specializes in panic and anxiety disorders. Hypnotherapy allows us to re-frame and release the automatic responses to anxiety and replace them with more helpful ways of thinking, and ultimately, to reduce anxiety and stress.
Mari’s empathy and also her straight forward down to earth manner that can help you to explore your resources within. Using all the latest techniques from hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, most issues can be resolved within 3 to 6 sessions.
You can avail of a free consultation with Mari to explore if hypnotherapy is the right approach for

Hypnotherapy is not magic, it does require you to be committed to change, and prepared to make these changes a reality. Hypnotherapy helps people to make changes in their behaviour and these are not forced or coerced.

Weight Management Esteem/Confidence Issues
Skin Conditions/ Stress & Anxiety
Fears/ phobias/ Relationship Issues
Panic Attacks/ Insomnia
Depression/ Unwanted Habits
Quit Smoking/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Exam/Study Nerves/ Preparing for an Interview
Stop Smoking