My name is Tara Hersee, I’m a Massage Therapist. My interest in massage therapy began in 2011 when I was suffering terribly with ongoing headaches and a colleague suggested I go for a massage, she gave me the number of a wonderful lady in Bray, Marcella Kennedy. After my first session with Marcella I felt so much looser and lighter and by the third session my headaches had eased dramatically. From there my interest and love of massage blossomed. I have a real passion for what I do and I love seeing and feeling the amazing effects massage has on my clients. With the courses I’ve studied I can tailor treatments to suit my clients needs using a variety of techniques including: deep tissue, relaxation, trigger point therapy, light stretching and mobilization. If you suffer with lower back pain, tight shoulders/neck, headaches, hip issues, stress contact me to avail of a consultation to discuss a treatment plan to suit your individual needs. As people we are all unique and I believe in treating the person alongside the issue.

The courses I’ve studied are:

 Remedial Massage 2013 MIMT Melbourne, Australia

 Sports Massage 2015 NSRT Dublin

Hip & Groin Masterclass 2017 John Gibbons

 Pregnancy Massage 2021 Golden Egg Holistic


 If you wish to book an appointment with me, call or text 0831797119