Short Description
Keelan is a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist and is a fully accredited member of IACP.
Keelan has experience working with clients of varied ages, backgrounds and cultures and has helped clients work through a range of areas/issues.


Keelan believes that each therapy encounter is unique to the individual, so the approach taken is
tailored to the client and the relationship. With particular emphasis on the client/therapist
relationship, Keelan believes that congruence and empathy are key to developing a safe space for
the client to explore and work through their issues. Keelan works with the client to facilitate greater
understanding and develop internal resources and coping strategies.

Keelan has experience working in areas such as grief, family system issues, trauma, transitions,
anxiety, LGBTQ+, stress, depression, identity crises, self-esteem issues, negative self beliefs,
childhood issues, sexual assault and rape.

Keelan is passionate about the therapeutic work believing in the healing that can take place in the
safety of the therapy room. She believes that providing this safe space can allow both the mind and
body to heal.

Advanced Diploma in Humanistic & Integrative Psychotherapy, BSc(Hons) in Psychology Applied to
Information Technology, Certificate in The Relational Nature of Shame, Certificate in Change &
Uncertainty, Certificate in Disordered Eating, Certificate in Talking about Sex in Therapy, Certificate
in CBT & Mindfulness, Certificate in He She They, Sex Gender & Relationship Diversity.


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