Ann Walsh  MSc Psych, HDip HG, MPBS


  • Anxiety and trauma treatment for all age groups
  • Designing and delivering workshops in psychoeducation and stress management.
  • Psychological support and mentoring for complimentary therapists working with clients displaying symptoms of trauma.


Blending psychology, Human Givens Therapy (a neuroscientific informed therapeutic approach), and Shamanic practices, I work with people of all ages and backgrounds helping them to find a pathway through times in their lives when they may need extra support and knowledge.   The therapeutic approach I offer is often brief and always solution focused, incorporating deep relaxation, nature connection and psychoeducation.

From the time I started to study psychology I always connected it to the Spiritual path, the sense of trying to understand the self and move past obstacles and form a deeper connection with life.    This eventually led me to a place where I saw the connection between scientific enquiry and nature based indigenous practices, the search for a deeper understanding of the world we live in.  These connections led me on a wonderful journey of discovery where I have had the privilege of meeting and learning from thought leaders in areas such as psychology, deep ecology, authentic leadership, and regenerative economics.

For 13 years I have worked with individuals and groups across a wide variety of settings including; psychiatric rehabilitation, education, business, politics, and sport, delivering one to one therapy, particularly in the areas of anxiety and trauma, and workshops in psychoeducation and stress management.

Contact:           086 0222672