Abdominal Therapy Collective – We’re thrilled to announce Abdominal Therapy training is coming to Ireland.

This powerfully effective treatment addresses many digestive, fertility, pelvic, and stress-related conditions. Founded on the work of Dr. Rosita Arvigo, ancient healing techniques, innate wisdom, and modern science. Abdominal Therapy utilises bodywork, trauma-informed care, traditional remedies, and spiritual healing.

Training is divided into anterior and posterior training, each being 3/4-day classes. This gives plenty of time to work on new skills learned before layering your knowledge and working toward offering a full body treatment.

Abdominal Therapy for Professionals: Part One – 26-28 May 2023
The anterior part of this work is where you get to practice on yourself first and learn “Your Abdominal Massage” which we call YAM.
This is what every Abdominal Therapy client is taught so that they can do this at home.
Then you learn how to perform an anterior Abdominal Therapy treatment along with other traditional healing tools.
Abdominal Therapy for Professionals: Part Two – 8-11 September 2023
The posterior part of the work and completes a whole-body treatment.
This class allows time to review the anterior work before layering on additional posterior information.
Working the back body allows optimal hip positioning which facilitates pelvic organ function.

These non-residential classes will be in The Olive Room Gorey, Co. Wexford.

Designed to be engaging, dynamic, and fun. You’ll get to learn your own self-care massage which you can then pass on to your clients. Register your place now as there are limited spaces available.

Regarding finances:
I am happy to arrange payment plans on a case-by-case basis, just contact me and we can chat.
If you have already trained and would like to refresh your skills, you can claim a 30% discount.