Martina McShane.

I am a Reflexologist and I am also a Reiki Master and a Practitioner/Teacher of Rahanni Celestial Healing and a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.
After 20 years in financial services and a period of ill health in 2019 where I was unable to work gave me a lot of time to think and review my life and what it was, I wanted to do. I made the decision to leave my full-time career and make the move into working for myself doing the work that I love to do – I had spent years studying CBT & NLP, both of which gave me such a buzz! It was just fantastic to learn things that I could use practically myself and use to help support others. I also learned how to practice and how to teach both Reiki and Rahanni and then moved on to studying and becoming a qualified Reflexologist.
. As such Seanog Wellness was born. I chose the name carefully – we’re known at home in Donegal as the Seains – so it has a family connection for me. But it also means Old & Young – so we are all able to avail of these therapies that I offer no matter what age we are – and we can all experience the benefits and feelings of wellness. I cannot tell you the joy in my heart when I see the difference in my clients from when they come into my treatment room to when they walk back out after any of the treatments I offer.

Reflexology is just an amazing therapy – working on the entire body system by working through the feet – I will never get bored looking at feet and the stories they tell me. By the way – your feet are absolutely fine – if I had a euro for every time someone apologised for their feet!! Your feet carry you, support you through every day of your life – they are amazing & and so are you!
In Energy Therapies, I act as a channel directing the energy for the healing within you to begin. Each treatment lasts for an hour – and can be tailored to suit your individual needs. You will come away from each healing relaxed, rejuvenated with a sense of well being and a knowing that you are on an incredible journey into balanced wellness.

Any queries or questions – please get in touch – I would love to chat with you and see how I can help.
You can get in touch on email –

Phone me on 083 8337815 or you can get in touch using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.