Tara Dowling -Somatic Movement.

Tara, after school pursued a career in fitness and after a break from fitness she worked for Aer Lingus as cabin crew (loads of travel)

Following a back injury in work Tara, having tried all the mainstream routes discovered Somatics. This had a profound effect on Tara’s health and wellbeing.

Tara trained in Somatics after her experience.

Somatic Movement education is an interactive mind & body technique based on neuromuscular science, that uses your innate ability to heal. It is a safe, gentle &easy way to reverse and release chronic pain patterns caused by injury, stress, and habits. While focusing on the sensations in your body whilst moving slowly, you can retrain your body to relax and release tight and painful muscles. By creating this now awareness and control of your body. And when practiced you are reminding your muscles that they know how to move. This improves flexibility, reversing pain and reducing stress.

Somatics is biased on a rhythm of doing, resting, and sensing.


“We hold our issues in our tissues”

Contact Tara on: 0868297703  Email:   somatara@live.ie