Ruth Walsh

Ruth has been practicing yoga for over 20 years beginning an earnest & dedicated practice in the late 90’s.

The practice of yoga had a profound effect on her from the very beginning both mentally and physically and her path was set.


She became a sincere student interested in learning all aspects of yoga & after many years of steady application decided to train as a teacher.

She trained and qualfied as an Iyengar teacher in 2005 and for 5 consecutive years travelled to India to deepen her understanding at the source. She spent many months at the beautiful foothills of the himalyas attending courses with Rajiv and Swati Chanchani where she also learned about the therapeutic effects of yoga while assisting in the medical  & local classes. She has attended the Iyengar institute in Pune where she was able to meet & express her gratitude to BKS iyengar before he passed in 2014.


Having been introduced to Shadow Yoga by her teacher trainer in 2008 the practice challenged & resonated offering a new dimension & more in depth learning of the internal energetics of the practice: marmas, nadis, vayus etc. From 2010 to 2017 she studied directly with Shandor Remete and Emma Balnaves travelling to many parts of the world and attending intense courses of study over this time.


In tandem with Yoga she has studied the ancient system of Ayurveda and attended many ayurvedic retreats in India.


Over the years the internal alignment and harmony the yoga practice brings opened up a new way of seeing and experiencing life, always aware that as humans we walk this earth with the ability to connect  both to the terrestrial and celestial. Yoga sparks the flame of divinity always residing within our own souls .


“The Ultimate Goal of Yoga is to Realise the Brilliance of Your Soul “ BKS Iyengaar


Ruth is grateful for the knowledge and guidance her teachers and mentors have and continue to share. She is a student first and foremost and continues to enjoy learning, exploring and experiencing the twists and turns of life through the prism of yoga.


Ruth teaches on Tuesday nights at The Palms Health & Wellbeing Centre

  • 6.15pm Beginners/Improvers, 7.30pm Level 2 (experience necessary)
  • Classes run in 6 week blocks. Pre-booking essential. 
  •  Contact her on 086 7702841 or